As “Die Partei” announced in a press release on May 29, it had succeeded in getting at least two people onto the AfD’s local election lists. They were Peter Altmann, number 12 on the list, and Marco Federici, number 31 on the list.

Max Braun, member of the Karlsruhe city council and “head of the secret infiltration operation”, told the editorial team: “We didn’t force anyone to infiltrate the AfD, but there were enough volunteers. We had to select candidates who had not yet appeared in public for ‘The Party’.”

The party does not want to answer at this point whether there are other candidates “incognito” on the AfD list.

By Marius Fritz

The traffic light coalition still has a good year of government ahead of it – if the alliance does not collapse before the end of the legislative period. However, the climate protection minister already sees the coalition at the end of its tether when it comes to his core issue. The FDP reacted with biting derision.

In the “fight against the right,” the parties to the left of center are the loudest. But the volume of their battle cries far exceeds their successes on the “voter front.”

The original of this article “How the satirists of “Die Partei” nominate candidates for the AfD” comes from ka-news.