At the beginning of March, entrepreneur Reinhold Würth warned all of his employees about the AfD in a letter. But the billionaire doesn’t want to leave it as a one-off campaign.

In the circular to his approximately 25,000 employees, the entrepreneur Reinhold Würth recommended not to vote for the AfD. “I could never have dreamed that I would receive so much approval,” said Würth in an interview with the Handelsblatt.

But there was also criticism of his approach. “Some customers have announced that they will no longer buy anything from Würth. We lost around 1.5 million euros in sales as a result,” admits Würth, but: “We probably gained significantly more orders out of sympathy than we lost. But that wasn’t the point anyway.”

In the interview, the 88-year-old explains why he wrote the letter to his employees. He is “very worried about the future of this country” because the AfD is stirring up “distrust of everyone” and the party “would prefer to abolish the multi-party state.” That’s why Würth emphasizes: “I want to do my small part to ensure that our children and grandchildren can continue to live in freedom and liberality on the basis of our wonderful Basic Law.”

According to the entrepreneur, the letter should not be a one-off event. He recently thought about the topic of remigration. “We would never have become the third largest industrial nation in the world without immigration,” Würth told Handelsblatt. The screw billionaire wants to summarize his thoughts in a kind of column in the future.

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