The group plans to return to Radio City Music Hall by 2022

The legendary Rockettes dance troupe has announced that they have been forced to cancel all of their remaining shows due to the coronavirus.

The group released a statement on Friday saying that they regret not being able to continue the Christmas Spectacular this year due to the increasing pandemic. “We hoped that we would be able to make it through the season, and were honored to have hosted hundreds upon thousands of fans at over 100 shows in the past seven weeks. This cherished tradition is what brings in the holidays in New York City. We loved it and we look forward to welcoming back fans to Radio City Music Hall 2022.

MSG Entertainment promises that ticket holders will be refunded for cancelled shows. However, some social media users expressed disappointment at the lack of communication and late notice.

“As of right now I haven’t gotten an email even letting me know that they canceled,” Allie Reitnauer, who had two tickets to the Saturday night show, told Fox News. “I just saw the post on social media.”

Reitnauer states that she is travelling to the show from Massachusetts and can’t cancel her hotel as her stay is less than 24 hours. Reitnauer also stated that her 11-year old daughter, who dances for 4.5 hours per week, received the coronavirus vaccination so she could attend the show. However, it was canceled.

Reitnauer stated that “the lack of communication” is the saddest thing. “They blocked comments so that you couldn’t ask questions about the initial closure post.”

The Rockettes cancel their season earlier than usual for the second time since 1933. This announcement comes at a time when the omicron variant of the Rockettes is spreading throughout New York City, and across the rest of the United States.

Social media reacted quickly.

Although only a handful of cases have been confirmed in New York City, officials at the federal Health Service estimate that the variant omicron is responsible for approximately 13% of all virus cases in the New York region.

New York reported almost 18,300 cases of the virus Wednesday. This is the third highest number of new cases since COVID-19 testing became widely available to the public in spring 2020. The virus has been confirmed in nearly 83,000 cases over the past seven days, which is the highest number since January 2017.