Well-known chains such as Lidl and Edeka ask customers not to consume certain toast bread products. There is a risk of injury here.

The retail chains Lidl and Edeka, together with their subsidiary Marktkauf, are recalling several bread products. “Product warning” provides information about the affected items such as the “Grafschafter Weizen Sandwich American Style” and the “Grafschafter Whole Grain Sandwich American Style” from the Dutch manufacturer Bakkerij Holland.

Customers are expressly warned not to consume the products mentioned as there is a risk that there may be foreign plastic particles in them. All items with a best before date up to and including May 21, 2024 should be returned.

Not only Lidl, but also the supermarket chains Edeka and Marktkauf are the focus of another product recall. This is about the “Good

Consumers who have purchased one of these products can return them to any Lidl or Edeka/Marktkauf branch and will receive the purchase price back, even without presenting the receipt. The recall is limited to the specified products; other products of the brand are not affected by this warning.

The original for this article “Toast bread recall started at Lidl, Edeka and Marktkauf because of plastic parts” comes from chip.de.