Richard Dreyfuss Sparks Outrage at ‘Jaws’ Screening: Massachusetts Theater Issues Apology

Richard Dreyfuss, known for his role in “Jaws,” faced backlash for his controversial remarks during a screening event in Beverly, Massachusetts. Attendees reported that Dreyfuss made offensive comments about trans people, Barbra Streisand, the MeToo movement, and women. The Cabot theater’s executive director issued an apology, acknowledging the discomfort caused by Dreyfuss’s statements. The theater also sent an email to ticket holders, expressing regret for the offensive and distressing nature of the comments.

Public Outcry and Walkouts

Following the event, attendees took to social media to express their anger over Dreyfuss’s remarks, describing them as vile and dehumanizing. Some patrons, including a family with a young daughter, reportedly left the screening early due to the offensive nature of the comments. Video footage posted online shows Dreyfuss discussing his new book, “One Thought Scares Me,” which touches on the removal of civics from the curriculum and its impact on society.

Response and Next Steps

Despite the controversy, Richard Dreyfuss and representatives from the Cabot theater have not issued further comments on the incident. The theater’s management stated that they are taking immediate action to prevent similar incidents in the future, including stricter vetting of event participants and improved communication strategies. The community’s feedback and support are valued, and efforts are being made to create a more inclusive and respectful environment at the Cabot.

The incident involving Richard Dreyfuss at the “Jaws” screening has sparked a conversation about inclusivity, respect, and the responsibility of public figures in shaping public discourse.