The more than 20 million pensioners in Germany from the middle of the year, significantly more money. The Federal Cabinet agreed on the pension adjustment as of 1. July, based on the wage development. The pensioners would have “part in the good situation on the labour market and the wage increases of the past”, said Federal Minister for labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD).

the volume of the pension adjustment in the amount of eleven billion euros annually show that “Germany is an economically strong country that can afford to have a reliable pension,” said Heil. The Federal government is around 470 million euros.

In the West, the pensions increase by 3.18 per cent and in the East to 3,91 percent. Thus, the Ostrenten continued to approach the Western references. The pension value in the East, rising to 96.5 percent of the Western value. Up to the year 2024, he is increasing due to a legal requirement by 2017 progressively to 100 percent.

The level of pensions increases slightly to 48,16%. There is as a ratio of pension to average wage information about the hedging power of the pension.

the beginning of the year, it was announced that one in five pensioners in the household is affected by poverty.