In light of the incident that resulted in the “removal of the genitals” of Jody Matthew Burke hours before sentencing, the lawyer for the repeat sex offender asked Thursday to reopen the evidence in the case. Judge Jean-Jacques Gagné refused outright.

“[The Crown] was questioning my client’s wishes in her trans process. The events that happened could be relevant to assess this credibility, ”announced Me Véronique Talbot, in the afternoon of Thursday.

Burke, who identifies as a woman and has been asking to go by the name Amber since being convicted of hyperviolent and repetitive sexual abuse of his ex-partner, has been campaigning on social media since February to assert that he is a transgender woman, complaining in particular of the refusal of a manager of the Montreal Detention Establishment (Bordeaux) to transfer him to a women’s prison.

According to our information, Burke mutilated his testicles at the Montreal Detention Facility on Tuesday, the day before his sentencing. He was rushed to Sacred Heart Hospital. “What happened led to surgery [by which] Ms. Burke’s genitals were removed,” her attorney told the court.

“This is a file that has been on the rolls for 6 years. For 6 years, insisted the judge, in response to the request of Burke’s lawyer. “He [Jody Matthew Burke] changed lawyers 5 times [during the trial] and there were twists and turns that I could talk about for hours,” he added.

“My decision is in writing. My idea is made. I will make it [my decision],” the judge ruled.

“However, I will allow you to discuss the events. It is important that I know the physiological state, but especially on the cognitive level, if he is fit to receive his sentence, “said the magistrate.

Burke was discharged from hospital during the day Thursday, and was in solitary confinement at the Montreal Detention Center (Bordeaux), according to his lawyer. “She’s still on medication. […] I believe that it is not benign what happened. When I spoke to her, she seemed to understand what was going on,” Talbot said.

Sentencing was set for 9:30 a.m. Friday morning. Judge Gagné refused to issue a publication ban on the details of the incident, as requested by Mr. Talbot to protect Burke’s medical information.