According to a study by the ARD magazine Panorama can not afford average earnings at the end of the renting an apartment in Berlin, Augsburg, Jena and other German cities. The investigation, conducted by the real estate market specialist empirica-systems in the order of the transmitter, shows that many households have to spend more than 27 percent of their net income to rent a new apartment. The value of 27 percent applies to experts as problematic, since only relatively little money for the other life is available, especially for people with smaller incomes.

Overall output in 64 German cities and districts of average earners more than 27 percent of their income. Including also smaller cities such as Schwerin, Erfurt, or Rosenheim. In Berlin, for example, the so-called lease charge rate is even far beyond, at 41.3 percent. The average Berlin family needs to spend 41.3 percent of their net income, to a three-room newly built apartment for rent. Also in Frankfurt, the lease charge rate, at 40.7 percent for the rent is very high. An average three-room apartment here costs 1.450 euros cold. In Leipzig Live in a new building will cost about 1.012 Euro per month to rent, but since the Leipzig earn significantly less, the lease charge rate here, at 37.5 percent.

One reason for the high prices is the rise in land prices and the high demand in the cities. In addition, high construction costs play a larger role. According to the German Institute for economic research (DIW) have increased construction prices since 2005 to 33 percent. Since then, many building codes in the areas of fire protection, noise protection, or for the dams exacerbated.

tinkering with the symptoms

in 2014, the Federal government of a Commission to reduce the construction costs. The most important proposals, however, were not implemented, said the former member of the Commission, Dietmar Walberg Panorama.

the view of the city and Gemeindebunds the rental price brake introduced by the coalition in the last parliamentary term, and aggravated the beginning of the year, the group contributes little to improve the Situation. You couriers are only the symptoms of an ailing housing market. “Abolish it would certainly not be the wrong step,” said town planning expert of the Association, Norbert Portz. He did not see any quantifiable improvement, at the same time, the ratio of tenants and landlords will be charged.

screw Instead of further to the rental price brake is required to carry out the Federal responsibility in social housing stronger. “The best development is when the municipality itself builds,” said Portz. Often land there be, but the municipalities would not turn, because private owners wanted to sell.

At the same time, Metropolitan areas need to be relieved. “We will not be able to solve the Problem of the housing shortage alone in the big cities,” said Portz. In order to motivate citizens to move to the country, would have to be jobs – for example, by digitizing relocated in the rural areas.

Moderate effect

A study by the German Institute for economic research (DIW) confirms that the rental price brake is, however, a moderate effect. “The average development in rents is held back,” said study author Claus Michelsen. However, the effect was only of the order of two to four percent.

In the case of new buildings have Rent control meant that Rents in this Segment increased more than before its introduction. The reason is that new buildings are not subject to brake the restrictions of the Rental price. Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD), was, nevertheless, pleased with the effect achieved. She stressed, however, at the same time, the Rent control alone could not cure the market. Still, it had to be you: “We need Rent control, also beyond 2020,” said Barley. In the spring, you will submit a draft law to extend the Instrument to five years.