In January 2019, is significantly more building permits for apartments issued in the same month last year. According to data of the Federal Statistical office, the number rose by 9.1 percent to of 27,100. This is the highest January value since 2004. In principle, the number of permits has stagnated: last year was missed with 347.882 approved units, the long maximum value in the year 2017 (375.388).

The real estate and housing sector showed dissatisfaction with the approval process. It takes still too long until the newly approved units are actually finished, it was said by the industry Association, Central real estate Committee.

is Actually the so-called Bauüberhang according to the Federal Statistical office at the highest level since 1999. As reasons for the high requirements in residential construction and the increasing shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry apply. Also speculation in building land played a role, said recently, Peter Hübner, President of the Central Association of the German construction industry (HDB). According to industry estimates, will wait for about a third of construction project for financial reasons.

in Order to meet the large demand for apartments, according to the assessment of policy and the construction industry, annually 350,000 to 400,000 homes in Germany. The Federal government has therefore decided in its coalition agreement, the construction of 1.5 million homes in the current legislative period. That would be 375,000 per year. The Federal Association of private real estate industry (BFW) is expecting so far, but only about 250,000 new homes this year.

the situation on The housing market has led to a discussion on the expropriation of real estate companies. The debate was triggered by a referendum in Berlin. The Initiative of Deutsche Wohnen & Co expropriate wants to achieve, that the Senate private apartment expropriated companies with more than 3,000 apartments and socialized. The initiators and Initiators invoke article 15 of the basic law. He can be under the conditions of the Transfer of land or means of production in return for compensation in public ownership.