Rising Rents, especially in Berlin, the real estate group Deutsche Wohnen in the past year, significantly more profit. The bottom line is a result of almost 1.9 billion Euro, with the involvement of increases in value of the housing stock – year-on-year increase of nearly six percent, the MDax-informed company. The Rent increased on a comparable Basis in Germany by 3.4 per cent, and in Berlin even by 3.6 percent.

industry-acclaimed operational FFO I rose in the company in 2018 to 479 million euros, an increase of eleven percent. The indicator consists of the profit before depreciation and tax less profits from sales. The number shows how much cash flow is generated in the operating business.

the good result will also benefit the shareholders. The Management wants to increase the dividend to 87 cents per share, to 80 cents in the previous year. In the current year is the competitor of Vonovia, LEG Immobilien and TAG Immobilien intends to grow operating profit. If you aim for a profit of 535 million euros, it said.

With a total of about 110,000 apartments in Berlin alone, the German Housing is the largest landlord in the capital. Nationwide the company has around 160,000 dwellings and commercial units. The Portfolio will also include nursing homes. The group of tenants associations as one of the most ruthless real estate companies. It is one of the main price drivers and has filed a complaint against the representative list of rents.

A Berlin citizens ‘ initiative wants to assign the conditions on the Berlin housing market from scratch. The state of Berlin is to take away the major real estate companies apartments to rent themselves favourable terms, Expropriate, so the Plan of the Initiative “Deutsche Wohnen and Co”. The citizens of Berlin will decide in a referendum. Originally, the expropriation initiative focused only on Deutsche Wohnen.