History 09/01/20 “Rascal and prostitute”: what Stalin executed the executioner Jonah Yakir

Iona Yakir, who was shot in 1937, shortly before the execution he wrote a letter to Stalin. In this Yakir assured the leader that he is “honest and loyal party soldier”. However, Stalin put on the document resolution: “Rascal and prostitute”. Why Iona Yakir “honoured” to have such a definition?

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In the literature of the Soviet years Iona Yakir most often appears to the reader as “the son modest Chisinau pharmacist”. At least that is the definition given Yakir Teodor Gladkov, the author of the book “heroes of the civil war” from 1963. In fact, according to the publication, “Kotovsk”, a modern author Viktor Savchenko, Jonah was born the son of a wealthy Bessarabian the owner of the pharmacy. This fact is confirmed at least the fact that some time Yakir studied at the oldest of the University of Basel in Switzerland. Then he continued his education at the Kharkov Institute of technology.

ibid., Ukraine, yakira found the First world war. To go to the front it is not too wanted. Even in his memoirs, Yakir himself admitted that he was “never a military man was not.” Therefore, according to the publication “the Black book of names, which had no place on the map of Russia”, in order to avoid mobilization, Jonah got a job as a Turner at one of the Odessa plants. But there Yakir worked for a short time: in March 1917 he fell ill with tuberculosis, and as a result he returned to his native Bessarabia province.

meteoric rise

the Revolution brought in before Iona Emmanuilovich new doors. Yakir is quickly understood and in April 1917 he joined the Bolshevik party. Then, as a member of the Executive Board of the Bessarabian provincial Council, and provincial Committee of the revolutionary Committee and launched a massive agitation among the soldiers. Despite the fact that Yakir “was not a military man”, to participate in Civil howlnot he still had a chance. Exactly Yakir, according to Victor Suvorov, author of “the Purification. Why did Stalin beheaded his army?”, he became commander of the first Chinese battalion. According to Suvorov, Iona Yakir paid mercenaries out of his own pocket.

In December, 1918, Iona Yakir was awarded the first order of the red banner. However, if you believe the authors of the publication “Orders and medals of the Soviet Union,” Yuri and Tatiana by Lubchenkova, due to the fact that the final award did not yet exist, the order made by a private jeweler. Then subordinates of Yakir ordered to the commander of another order, putting it on serial No 2. Have orders Emmanuilovich, of course, did not hide, but many other episodes of the biography Yakir in his memoirs is not even mentioned. For example, as the authors of the edition “History of Russia. Of the twentieth century. The era of Stalinism,” in 1920, when Yakir commanded several groups of troops of the southwestern front, his soldiers simply fled from the Polish army.

the executioner Repressed

But it’s not all “exploits” Jonah Yakir. According to Vladimir Liteskin, author of “the Butchers of St. Luke”, the conscience of Yakir and the famine of 1932-1933, organized by the Ukraine, the Volga region and other regions of the country. It is the army of Yakir seized and destroyed all there was to eat. Lisichkin believes that if Emmanuilovich had not shown so much zeal, famine and collectivization simply would not exist. Actively participated Iona Yakir and repression. Its resolutions have always been merciless: “to judge and execute.” Soon, however, to place executed by Yakir people turned out to be himself.

In may 1937, Yakir was arrested. Well aware of what awaited him, the captain tried to “bargain” for his life. Edvard Radzinsky, the author of the book “Stalin. Life and death,” writes that Emmanuilovich even sent a letter to Stalin, which recognizes both the party and the leader in love. Here only Stalin put in the address of Yakir resolution: “Rascal and prostitute”. Voroshilov he added: “Absolutely precise definition”. And Kaganovich added: “Traitors, bastards, b…. One Kara – the death penalty.” The latter probably had it hardest: Yakir was a friend Kaganovich. In the same year Jonah Yakir shot. 20 years later, he was exonerated.

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