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Pro-Palestinian Protesters Rally in Ann Arbor Demanding Charges be Dropped

At a recent rally in Ann Arbor, approximately 100 pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the Washtenaw County Courthouse to demand that charges be dropped against individuals who were involved in a sit-in at the University of Michigan President’s office. The protesters called out Washtenaw County Prosecutor Eli Savit for announcing felony charges against four individuals who were accused of assaulting police officers during the sit-in.

Violent Police Actions Spark Outrage Among Protesters

The rally also highlighted the recent incident where campus police forcefully removed pro-Palestinian protesters from the Diag, leading to the hospitalization of several individuals. Protesters accused the police of using excessive force, including pepper spray and physical assault, during the clearance operation. The protesters called for a complete divestment from Israeli companies and academic institutions, as well as the abolition of campus policing.

University Officials Defend Actions, Claim Investments are Minimal

University officials, including the Chair of the Board of Regents, defended the university’s investments in Israeli companies, stating that the amount connected to Israel is minimal and managed by private fund managers. They emphasized that the investments are meant to support scholarships on campus and are a small fraction of the university’s endowment. Protesters, however, remain steadfast in their demands for divestment and justice for the pro-Palestinian movement.

The ongoing protests and demands for justice continue to put pressure on university officials and local authorities, signaling a commitment to the cause and a refusal to back down.