Leuven, Thursday afternoon, around 16 hours, was a 57-year-old man through a window in a Mazda garage on the Tiensesteenweg. Now it turns out that the man was in his car in the garage from his workshop, and wanted to finish, but the acceleration has made a mistake. That is, the police have confirmed.

“instead of the reverse, it was in the vehicle at the front, it stops it by a wall, and it came with the car, three feet below the outside up against the concrete and go”, you hear the sound of it. The car was on the roof of his house to us. For the garage mechanic to have the car and it ran for more serious injuries, but was not in life-threatening danger. The victim received on-the-spot to the first, is administered to a MUG, and a doctor, and was then transferred to the university hospital of Gasthuisberg.

The man has a long experience of work in the garage. The health and safety inspectorate of the facts stated. The fire brigade arrived on the spot, in order to determine whether there are any problems with the stability of the building, but that turned out not to be the case.