(Quebec) Minister Lionel Carmant believes it is realistic to offer psychological health care throughout Quebec through CLSCs. For example, the citizens of a city like Amqui, hard hit by the deadly attack on Monday, must go to Rimouski to obtain psychiatric care.

“We are well aware that there are issues in the regions to access mental health services, and we are working very hard to improve them,” said the Minister responsible for Social Services in a scrum on Thursday.

He was reacting to an article in Le Soleil, which reported that a citizen of Amqui must travel 103 kilometers, or 1 hour and 15 minutes, to access psychiatric care in Rimouski, where the majority of health services are offered. east of Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Quebec set up a crisis unit in the village following the killings, and mental health workers were dispatched to the scene. But in normal times, citizens must take to the road.

Mr. Carmant points out that telemedicine in mental health is a “very used tool” that he wants to “use more and more”. He also added following a question from a reporter that it is “feasible” to provide health care in every village.

“In mental health, it’s achievable. There are CLSCs everywhere. I am working with my parliamentary assistant Shirley Dorismond to restart mental health in CLSCs, ”he said.

“When the FMGs were created, social workers were unfortunately sent to FMGs. We have to get services back in the CLSCs and we are working on that,” he added.

Earlier this month, Mr. Carmant gave the MNA for Marie-Victorin, Ms. Dorismond, a mandate to “work to consolidate the role of CLSCs in access to front-line mental health services”. Its mission is to “highlight initiatives, good practices and innovative operating methods implemented in CLSCs to promote better access to mental health services”.