Valérie Plante’s party increased its financial surpluses in 2022, while its main opponents continued to pay off their debt.

Projet Montreal raised about $200,000 in donations and membership fees last year, its financial statements, which have just been released, reveal. Together Montreal – the former party of Denis Coderre which constitutes the official opposition to the city hall – for its part received $ 128,000 from the public.

“Our party is a party of members present and active in all the boroughs of Montreal, argued the leader of Projet Montréal, Valérie Plante, in a press release. This support and the resulting financial results encourage us to go further and make Montreal a greener and more pleasant city to live in. »

The net assets accumulated by Projet Montréal were estimated at $557,000 as of December 31, 2022.

Ensemble Montréal, for its part, has a liability of $430,000, down from $512,000 the previous year. This liability stems in large part from debts accumulated over the years. “We had a phenomenal debt last year. We are in the process of controlling our debt,” Chief Aref Salem explained in a telephone interview.

He added that raising $128,000 “is a lot for an opposition. We have fewer elected officials than them,” he noted. “We feel that there is a certain enthusiasm, we feel that the population is there. »