the Federal Minister for agriculture, Julia Klöckner (CDU) colleagues in your Countries and colleagues of the accused to be advances for a stop controversial animal transport in Non-EU countries quickly forged ahead. “The pressure under which the countries are now, you have caused with your hasty Action,” said Klockner. “Better would have been a legal clarification, and to act accordingly by the authorities, and not Vice versa.”

The Minister wants the countries, therefore, before the next conference of agriculture Ministers from the 10. to 12. April-invite to an interview. In the Meeting, it should go to the enforcement of the animal welfare transport law, is the responsibility of the countries.

The Ministry of agriculture in Kiel had imposed on Monday a four – week ban on the export of slaughter and breeding animals in certain Non-EU countries. Amtsveterinäre may approve in this period, neither the transports nor Voratteste issue. Head of Department Jan Philipp Albrecht (greens) said he would push for a nationally coordinated and legally secure procedure.

Cruel battle conditions

In Bavaria, had been decided by the competent Ministry of the environment already in the last week, cattle in third countries tie for the time being. The export ban applies, among other things, Turkey, Yemen, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Uzbekistan. Other Federal States are still waiting.

the Background is a new opinion. It comes to the conclusion, that veterinarians, the animal transports, in certain non-member countries approve the aid for animal cruelty guilty and therefore punishable. In your expert articles signs of the magistrate Christoph Maisack and the Veterinarians Alexander Rabitsch, relying on television images and our own research is the part of a cruel battle conditions in many Non-EU countries, particularly in Turkey, the Middle East or in the Maghreb. Controls by the EU in the third countries.