The Volkswagen group has reported a report according to self-report the German Federal motor transport authority. Reason erroneous consumption values of the sport are model 911’s subsidiary company, Porsche, car, the mirror reported, citing the group circles. Accordingly, the year of construction 2016, and 2017 are affected.

Porsche confirmed to the magazine that it comes to variations in the air resistance values, which are used for Tests on the roller test bench. The facts of the case currently being investigated, both internally and in close coordination with the authority, it said.

If further investigations revealed that the actual consumption values of more than ten percent above the specification of Porsche, the customers in a damage of the mirror according to claims. Conceivable is also, that the authorities control order follow-up: If the car has a higher CO2 emissions and therefore higher rates of Vehicle taxes. In addition, both the American and the German authorities impose penalties for breaches of the authorisation process high money, writes the mirror.

Porsche-in-chief is on the phone with the Minister of transport Scheuer

the Extent to which the erroneous information on the determined CO2 emissions of the Porsche 911 have, is to show further measurements. Apparently Porsche just got off the phone Director Oliver flower already with the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and the explained self-display. In addition, the group wants to inform according to the report, now, the American authorities EPA and CARB.

Porsche told the mirror that “the facts of the case currently being investigated”. The company to see it “as a matter of course, and an expression of its corporate culture, to inform the competent authorities, active”. The “internal investigations” would continue in “close coordination with the authorities”.

2015 authorities had uncovered in the United States, Volkswagen, compromised vehicles, the exhaust emission values of diesel. Worldwide, finally, around eleven million cars were affected, including nearly 2.4 million in Germany. In addition to the core brand, VW is also Porsche was accused of Manipulation. The current case is not so, said Porsche.