(Montreal) Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre wants to create a national exam standard for health care workers, to allow those who have completed their studies abroad to work in Canada.

He made the announcement Sunday at a press conference in Ottawa.

This so-called “Blue Seal” standard would be inspired by the Red Seal exam, created in 1952. This allows workers in regulated trades – electricians, plumbers, mechanics, etc. – to see their skills recognized throughout the country.

“The qualification of our doctors should be determined by examinations … not by big bureaucratic processes,” Poilievre insisted, arguing that some immigrants can wait up to nine years before they can work in their field.

According to him, it would also harmonize the standards between the provinces and territories, so that a doctor or a nurse could practice from coast to coast.

As health is a provincial jurisdiction, the Conservative leader promised that the adoption of the Blue Seal would be on a voluntary basis.

“A Poilievre government will seek an agreement with the provinces where an internationally trained professional can receive a response within 60 days” after completing the exam, he said.