Acknowledged Into the bank from BNP Paribas Fortis in brussels. in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, a plofkraak carried out. The perpetrators were able to flee with the loot, but the extent of which is yet to be announced. Notify the local police of the zone to the North.

The plofkraak took around 2 hours and takes place in the Abtsdreef in Antwerp, on a one-half mile from the entrance to the A12 motorway, on the border with the Netherlands. The fire brigade and the police came to the place, as well as the ontmijningsdienst Dovo.
Getaway car

The police of the Zone to the North and confirms that it will, with certainty, three of the offenders goes down. They would be after the fact, it is to be fled and left in a getaway car to escape. As to which car it is, it is not clear. “There is a presumption that they can make their getaway car deliberately away, parked for the investigation to be difficult. It is also possible to use the ANPR cameras in the area, but it is very targeted, that is, of course, is not the escape route is not known.”

The authors of the plofkraak to have a significant booty, but how much exactly is not yet clear.There are vielengeen injuries, but significant damage to the atm machine and the building. The federal judicial police in Antwerp has, in the meantime, the investigation is over.The importance of this study is that there is no further information provided.


Each of the Schevernels live in the Abtsdreef close to the bank, but it was not to be woken up by the explosion. “My bedroom is on the side of the street, and I had to sleep with the window open, so I guess it wasn’t such a loud bang it was.” A few minutes after the plofkraak was a phone call from the buurtinformatienetwerk ask him / her to the doors lock, the windows close and the lights come on in the garden to light it up.Also, Dennis, Geuns, which is across the bank lived, and heard nothing of the explosion. “I have spent the whole night in doorgeslapen and I saw only this morning on Facebook that there will be a plofkraak on my street at the time.”