After the flight ban for the Boeing machine 737 Max, the US group lowers the production of the series by almost 20 percent. From mid-April on a monthly basis would be made only 42 instead of 52 of these aircraft, said Boeing on Friday. Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said the group now knows that a series of events would have led to the two crashes in the past few months. The erroneous activation of a Software that is designed to prevent a stall and, therefore, the nose of the aircraft lowers automatically, is the connecting link in two accidents.

Although “temporarily” less will be produced, wool Boeing swipe no, Muilenburg. The company will strive to keep the financial impact as low as possible. Before the crash in Ethiopia Boeing had planned the production of the machines in June to 57 in the month of increase. Instead, the company now provides no 737 Max.

After the misfortunes in October 2018 in Indonesia, and in March, 2019 in Ethiopia, where a total of 346 people were killed, were in the world was the start of the prohibitions for the Boeing adopt-series. The aircraft can currently not be delivered and threaten cancellation. Because the causes of the accident and the problems with the control software and another program have not yet been clarified, it is currently unclear when the Supervisory authorities have the 737-Max aircraft to fly.

The first official investigation showed that the pilots were in both cases strictly to the regulations of Boeing, got the plane but still under control. After the crash in Ethiopia, it had given hints that a Software to control the climb angle, the crew had difficulties. Ethiopian Airlines said that the machine was several times advised in the fall flight. The Software is used. It ensures that the nose of the aircraft is automatically lowered when a flow threatened with demolition. The stall can occur when an airplane rises too much. Boeing had issued after the crash in Indonesia and a tutorial on how the Software is turned off. The U.S. Air traffic control FAA issued an emergency Directive.

Boeing wants to fix the alleged Defect with a Software Update, but should appear only in some weeks. Boeing chief Muilenburg said on Friday, in the update of the programme progress has been made, “so it’ll never come back to such accidents”. The group will also established a Commission to investigate the development of aircraft and the improvement proposals.