(OTTAWA) The RCMP were concerned for the safety of Pierre Trudeau when the former prime minister left office, documents reveal.

Mr. Trudeau led the Canadian government from 1968 to 1984, except for a short period in 1979-1980.

Although the security services had not received any threats against him, they feared that his record could incite some people to attack him.

The RCMP then recommended that security be increased around Mr. Trudeau.

“It is fair to say that Mr. Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister was often marked by controversy,” reads a report labeled “secret” dated April 25, 1984.

“His perceived aloof personality, his provocative political style and his positions on many national and international issues have provoked strong emotional reactions from Canadians from all political backgrounds,” it added. The Prime Minister has passed laws, implemented government policies and spoken out on many topics. It has exacerbated, embittered and irritated many categories of the Canadian population. »

The Canadian Press obtained its documents under the Access to Information Act.

Steve Hewitt, a professor at the University of Birmingham, says his documents symbolize the arrival of a new era of security in Canada, in which former prime ministers still need to be protected, even after their time in politics.