The pensioners in Germany can adapt to an increase in their pensions in the coming year. The news Agency dpa and the editorial network in Germany reports citing a draft of the pension insurance report in 2018. Accordingly, the statutory pension will continue to rise in the West expected to 3.18 and in East Germany to 3,91 percent.

A monthly pension of 1,000 euros, based on Western contributions would increase accordingly, so 31,80 euros, the same level of pension with Ostbeiträgen to 39,10 Euro. Definitively determined the pension increase for 2019 until next year when the data on wage development in 2017, are not fully available.

The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund will report this Wednesday on the financial development of the statutory pension in the coming year. The pension report of the Federal government is expected to be released in November.

this Thursday, the coalition wants to decide in the Bundestag in addition, your pension package of improvements for pensioners in the coming years. On 1. July of this year, the pensions in the West had increased by 3.22 per cent and in the East by 3.37 percent.