(Paris) Under the boos of the opposition, Elisabeth Borne on Thursday in the National Assembly engaged the responsibility of her government on the highly contested pension reform through article 49.3 of the Constitution, which allows adoption of the text without votes, but faces a motion of censure.

“Today, on the text of the Parliament, uncertainty hangs over a few votes. We cannot take the risk of seeing 175 hours of parliamentary debate collapse. We cannot take the risk of seeing the compromise built by the two Assemblies discarded. We cannot bet on the future of our pensions, and this reform is necessary, “justified the Prime Minister at the start of the Assembly session.

“Also, on the basis of article 49 paragraph 3 of the Constitution, I engage the responsibility of my government on the whole of the amending social security financing bill for 2023”, she declared. .

Four meetings were held in less than 24 hours at the Élysée around Emmanuel Macron to decide whether the government would commit to 49.3 or leave this text subject to a vote.

“A vote will take place,” however, added the head of government, anticipating the filing of a motion of censure.

“In a few days, I have no doubt, the government’s commitment to responsibility will be answered by one or more motions of censure. A vote will therefore take place, as it should. And so it is parliamentary democracy that will have the last word,” she said.

The leader of far-right deputies Marine Le Pen immediately announced the filing of a motion of censure and ruled that the Prime Minister “cannot stay” at Matignon.