(London) Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will testify on March 22 before the House of Commons Inquiry into Downing Street parties held during the pandemic in breach of anti-covid rules, which are jeopardizing his political future, announced Tuesday the Commission.

Pushed to resign this summer by a succession of scandals, chief among them the “partygate”, Boris Johnson is under investigation which, if it concludes that the former head of government misled Parliament, risks cost him his parliamentary seat.

The inquiry is to determine whether Boris Johnson lied to the House of Commons, including when he told MPs in December 2021 that “the rules were followed all the time”.

In an interim report published on March 3, where it detailed the explanations it intends to obtain from the former prime minister, the commission pointed out that the elements it has collected “strongly suggest” that the violations of the rules anticovid had to be ‘obvious’ to Boris Johnson.

He replied that there was “no evidence in the report” that he “knowingly” misled Parliament.

“I believed that implicitly these events [which took place in Downing Street] were in the rules, and no one told me otherwise, either before or after”, defended Boris Johnson a little later in an interview with television channels.

After the flash passage of Liz Truss in Downing Street, Boris Johnson had finally given up seeking power again, leaving the way open to Rishi Sunak.