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OSU Trails Baylor 21-16 following 3rd place in Big 12 Championship


Baylor and Oklahoma State fought for their first Big 12 title since 2011. OSU held a slight advantage before the game began. Blake Shapen, a Baylor freshman quarterback, won the game over Gerry Bohannon, who was suffering from a sore hamstring.

Shapen was strong on the first drive. However, Malcolm Rodriguez forced Tresten Ebner to fumble. Tyler Lacy recovered it. OSU was given the first chance of the day.

Oklahoma State was quick to turn it on. Three different third downs were converted by the Cowboys to reach a Tanner Brown field goal of 23 yards. Tay Martin, Dominic Richardson and Jaden Bray all made deep and third plays. Cowboys led by 3-0.

Malcolm Rodriguez scored a tackle for loss on the third down as the OSU defense once again proved their dominance.

OSU took it back after the stop. J.T. picked Spencer Sanders’ pass off the stop. He threw it too high. Woods. At the 11-yard line, he took it deep into Cowboy territory. Baylor took a 7-3 lead when Blake Shapen hit Ben Sims from two yards away on a play-action bootleg. Shapen isn’t being rattled at the moment, going 6-6, and 59 yards.

Spencer Sanders was unable to get his bearings during the next drive. Sanders tried to throw a screen play pass, but was pressured and was caught by Matt Jones.

Tre Sterling scored a sack against Shapen while Baylor was in OSU territory. Shapen converted a third down with a 20-yard pass. For 80 yards, he finished the quarter at 7-7. After one, Cowboys were down 7-3.

Drew Estrada and Shapen were connected on a four-yard touchdown pass on the first play in the second quarter. Baylor won 14-3.

OSU’s offense was three-and-out, but OSU defense responded with a three-and-out of their own. OSU added three more points to their offense, and it was cold.

Baylor made another drive in the red zone. Collin Oliver applied pressure and Blake Shapen was forced to throw the ball. It was not even close to the line. It was initially ruled incomplete pass with intentional grounding. However, it was reviewed. The call was upheld after the review. Baylor was second from the 21. Blake Shapen completed the third and final goal with a 13-yard touchdown pass. It was a stunning fade to Tyquan Nornton. 21-3 Bears.

Oklahoma State responded. Spencer Sanders located Tay Martin for 16. Then a PI against Big 12 Defensive Play of the Year Jalen Pittre resulted in a Tanner Brown field goal from 23 yards. OSU trailed 21-6.

Baylor was able to get into OSU territory just before the half. Korie Black was able to redirect Isaiah Hankins’ 39 yard field goal attempt. OSU led 21-6 at halftime.

The ball was given to Cowboys by the referee in the second period. It didn’t get any better from the start. Spencer Sanders was being thrown into Baylor territory by Jarion McVay and was intercepted again. Jarion McVae intercepted Spencer Sanders as he was throwing into Baylor territory.

Baylor tried to make it on 4th down, but Blake Shapen threw away the ball. OSU won the battle for Baylor’s 36 yards. Brennan Presley was finally able to catch two passes by the Cowboys. OSU ran eight plays for 36 yard and Dom Richardson scored a touchdown for four yards. OSU shattered the Baylor lead by 21-13

Baylor attempted a reverse pass on the next possession but a receiver threw it away, which resulted in an intentional grounding penalty. After a Baylor punt, OSU scored a tackle for loss. OSU began at their own 25,

When Brennan Presley couldn’t catch a pass, Spencer Sanders made his fourth interception and got hit. The ball ended up in Brayden Utley’s hands. Baylor was in charge of the OSU 21.

OSU was able to dodge another bullet when Isaiah Hankins failed to make a 39-yard field goal. Cowboys won the battle for trailing by one score. They would however go three and out.

Tresten Ebner punted on the next one. Korie Black got it back for OSU. This was his second major special teams performance of the game. OSU was deep in Baylor territory.

Spencer Sanders hit TayMartin for 18 and then Dez Jackson caught a 13-yard pass. OSU was stopped three times straight at the one-yard line. Mike Gundy decided to kick a field goal, and Tanner Brown brought OSU within five yards with a 20-yard field goal. 21-16 Baylor, with 8:17 left to play.

Collins Oliver and Brock Martin both grabbed sacks from Shapen to force a kick. OSU got the bag back with more than five players to use on their 25. OSU would however go three for their next drive.