one in eight Online shopping in Germany – and the rate has increased in the past two years by 20 percent. The The world, reported the daily newspaper. It relies on a survey of the digital Association Bitkom among consumers, which is the leaf found to be representative. Just in special categories of goods, such as clothing, are quotas the Return of the “enormously high,” the newspaper quoted Julia Miosga, head of sector, trade and logistics, in the Bitkom.

Many customers order to meet their clothes online in several sizes, in order to bring home a selection. Every second online buyer in the Bitkom survey on the Internet and order again with the intention of using them again to send it back. 28 percent of the respondents do according to its own information, more rarely, 17% sometimes and six percent on a regular basis.

especially younger Online shoppers to send and buyers use the return shipping: According to the survey, 14 – to 29-year-old buyers of 18 percent of their Internet orders back. Women send, according to its own information, every seventh purchase to the seller, in the case of men it is almost every tenth purchase.

For traders, the returns are a costly affair. “Often the treatment is connected to the re-sale of returned goods with a lot of effort,” said Bitkom expert Miosga. According to estimates, the cost of a return amounts to an average of ten euros.

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And not all shipments can be so cutting, that you go to the normal sale. Clothing, for example, comes in part, also worn and back damaged. Dealers continue to sell these goods, often in return collectors, donate them or give in to the personnel sales. A number of products, although new, is also destroyed.

Nevertheless, the returns are some online retailers essential part of your business model. Zalando, for example, could not live without returns, said a spokesman with TIME-ONLINE. Industry experts estimate that the customers of the company return around half of their orders. This is a far higher rate than the other companies. In the ten years of its existence, Zalando have can only ever be so great, because it allows the problem-free returns.

Still works Zalando to lower the rate. Because of the many returns cost money and reduce profits.