online-only retailer such as Amazon must ask for consumer no phone number available. The companies would have to ensure, however, that they were easily accessible and the contact information understandable, visible, was the advocate General of the European court of justice (ECJ), Giovanni Pitruzzella. So he turned himself against a complaint by the German Federation of consumer organisations (vzbv).

he sued in Germany against Amazon. He had not complained, the company to get its information obligations towards consumers under German law in a clear and understandable way. A Fax number will not even given a phone number only after several steps. Call-back service, and Internet chat will not be sufficient.

The ECJ reviewers disagreed with the vzbv now. According to him, it is essential that the customer has the best possible protection, without more in the freedom of the company to intervene as necessary. Effective consumer protection is not achieved by a certain type of contact, for example by telephone. This could put a strain on smaller businesses are inappropriate.

the enumeration of The means of communication in the corresponding EU-Directive phone, Fax, E-Mail, according to Pitruzzellas merely exemplary. If consumers can reach the company quickly and clearly by using the contact information to be informed, are also other options – for example, an automatic callback system or the Internet chat is allowed. Pitruzzella said in addition, Germany should not impose on companies in accordance with EU law, the consumer is always a phone number.

The assessment of the evaluator is for the ECJ judges and judges are not binding, they often follow her. A judgment is expected in the coming months.