The American company Amazon plans to open two more company locations. The contract should receive Long Island, Queens, New York and Crystal City in the North of the state of Virginia. The reports, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Both Newspapers refer to people who were familiar with the decision. Accordingly, the group will announce its plans for new company sites on this Tuesday officially.

the two new “HQ2” referred to locations, according to the Reports, each of 25,000 people work. The group has announced plans to invest five billion dollars (4.4 billion euros) in the project.

Amazon had stated about a year ago, to plan next to the current headquarters in Seattle, and the establishment of a second headquarters in North America. A few days ago, it had welcomed from the environment of planning familiar to people, the new jobs should be divided between two cities.

towns competed with tax rebates

A distribution between two sites is reduced, according to the Reports the problems which might follow from the settlement, about the anticipated influx of workers could overwhelm a single location and its infrastructure.

Overall, there were 238 applicants for the new branch. The cities and States had reductions, among other things, with billions of Tax and other, such as Amazon advertised. Amazon had previously made it clear that tax deductions, the supply of land and resettlement assistance as the criteria for the new site are crucial. There should be also a international airport, public transport and good education facilities. In return, the group promises to be among many Jobs a high level of investment.

experts view Amazon’s Expansion, however, critical. Often investment and jobs through tax money would be expensive, in addition, the promise fulfilled. As the New York Times reported, was prompted for an action Alliance, which is comprised of representatives of 21 States, therefore, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos to make the selection process as transparent as possible.

1/7 Here in Long Island City, a neighborhood of New York City, wants to open Amazon at one of its new locations. Possible jobs: 25.000 © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters 2/7 Long Island City scores mainly with its location advantages. The industrial district is located on the East River across from Manhattan. It is connected to several U-Bahn lines and the ferries and not far away from New York’s John F. Kennedy airport and LaGuardia. © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters 3/7 it is Still unclear how Amazon would like to make the new location. Experts predict, however, that Amazon plans to open in Long Island City, a campus-like complex. © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters 4/7 The Court Square in Long Island City is an American fast food restaurant has been in business since 1946. It is feared that with the arrival of large corporations, and by the influx of high-paid workers will increase the Rent and cost of living in the district. © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters 5/7 Nick Kanellos co-owner of the Diners. It is because of the rising Rents and cost of living in worry. © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters 6/7, About 57,000 people are currently living in Long Island City, an estimated 80,000 people work here. The environment is becoming increasingly attractive for companies. Companies like Uber and Ralph Lauren have settled here in the past few years, and already land prices and Rents in the amount driven. © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters 7/7 Vincenzo Cerbone (88) and his wife Ida operate in the district of an Italian Restaurant. They, too, fear for the future of your family business, you should Amazon expand to Long Island City. © Eduardo Munoz/Reuters Rising Rents and cost of living?

reservations are also in the town changes, which can go hand-in-hand with the arrival of large corporations. The influx of highly paid Tech workers could be the Rent and cost of living to rise. This phenomenon is seen in the Californian Bay Area with the metropolis of San Francisco, near the high castle of Silicon Valley, but also on Amazon so far, the only headquarters in Seattle and in other regions.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, confirmed the project for the Amazon, although not yet officially expressed, but in his weekly TV address to the project. He was hopeful that HQ2 come to New York: “We are talking about the largest single agreement for the economic development in the history of New York City,” he said.

Currently, Amazon has at its main location in Seattle and 40,000 people in 33 buildings. A total of about 613.300 people in the world’s largest Internet retailer, are employed.