(Montreal) A commercial establishment in Old Montreal was the target of an arson attempt late Tuesday night.

Damage to the facility was minor and no one was injured.

It was a call made around 4:35 a.m. to the 911 emergency telephone exchange that informed the authorities that an attempt had been made to set fire to the building located on Saint-Paul Street, in a tourist district.

When they arrived on the scene, firefighters from the Montreal Fire Safety Service (SSIM) did not have to fight any flames, but they found that a window in the establishment had been smashed and that a can of gasoline was on site.

Given the criminal nature of the event, the firefighters entrusted the investigation to the arson squad of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM), which was to send investigators to the scene in the morning.

The police will find out if surveillance cameras in this predominantly commercial sector have been able to capture images that will help them identify and find the culprits.