the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, has warned of the future risks for growth of the Euro area and for the budgets of the Federal government advertised. “A good financial policy is the stability anchor of our community,” said the SPD politician, at the start of the final deliberations of the Bundestag on the budget in 2019. “It is well, on our money to take care of and to make sound budgetary policy”, the Vice-Chancellor. “That’s good, so that we can act in the case of a new crisis.”

Scholz called for, to make Provision for times of lower tax revenues. The economy is growing still, there is an increase in employment and tax revenues are good. There is also the assessment that “this development has in the last few years”. All those who want to sharpen the look”, the Federal Minister of Finance, on their side,” added Scholz. “We have to be careful, so that we can come in earlier.”

example Italy

How important that was, shows, in the words of Scholz, the example of Italy, whose debt will reach more than 130 percent of its economic output. Such countries “need to act much more careful with their opportunities”. In addition, there are many risks, such as the Brexit. Europe must, therefore, be stronger and progress. “And is that really the time is now,” was his appeal.

Scholz referred explicitly to the fact that the Federal budget can get by for the next year without new debt. Be Bulgarian for the coming year, the final this Friday passed, provides for the expenditure of 356,4 billion euros – a Plus of 3.7 percent compared to the previous year, as well as investments in new height of 38.9 billion euros.

Largest Einzeletat is the Ministry of labour, to the alone 145,3 billion euros of expenditure. Directly behind it is the budget of the Ministry of defence, the ranks are estimated for the maximum of 43.2 billion euros. A total of ministries and Federal authorities to get around of 8,750 new jobs, of which nearly 1,000 alone in the various ministries.

the Opposition complains of trickery

in addition to relief for health insurance contributions and pension improvements 2019 families are the focus – it will put together a relief package of € 9.8 billion in the year ten Euro more in children money as of July, the children is on the increase free amount as the basic amount. In addition, the income is moved to the tax rate, in order to mitigate the effects of the so-called Cold Progression.

speakers and Speakers of the opposition parties, the AfD, the Left, FDP and the greens accused the government during the debate to set tone for the future, and only with Tricks new loans avoided. The FDP-budget politician Otto Fricke about attacked Scholz, was only managed with the handle in a “crushed black”. In truth, it was a household with a “red Zero”.

The AfD-politician Peter Boehringer, who is also the Chairman of the budget Committee, accused the Grand coalition of financial trickery. For the Left, the deputies complained, Gesine Lötzsch, the Union and the SPD would have lost the Chance to make the country more just and more peaceful. Anja Hajduk of the Greens, accused the Federal government and too little Europe, political commitment, and a blockade in the digital expensive.