In the best end-of-year tradition, the theme comes up again: fireworks ban or not? After riots in the centre in the past year, about Hanover, exiled this time, blast and missiles from the places in the city centre. In Cologne, Düsseldorf, Göttingen and other cities, there are similar restricted zones. Who wants to firecrackers penalty that should throw also a glance to the explosives act. It States that the Burning of pyrotechnic articles is prohibited in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, orphanages, and retirement homes.

But the fear of the injured and the riots is not firecrackers the only point of criticism on new year’s Eve. In Cologne, according to media man reports submitted a request for a fireworks ban since the fine dust burden is high. And then the masses are there to waste incurred after the explosive festivities. What are the consequences of the Pyroleidenschaft the Germans? Five Numbers of the new year’s eve fireworks:

© 4500 tons of fine dust
to be set in Germany every year on new year’s eve.

In the new year’s eve increases the burden of fine dust, according to the Federal environment Agency is strong: Each year, around 4,500 tons would put the fine dust in the flaring of fireworks are free, the majority of the year (PDF). On new year’s day, the fine dust concentration was in many places so high as usual throughout the year. The amount corresponds to about 15.5 per cent of the annual road traffic emitted amount of particulate matter. The environmental experts on the health effects of fine dust, especially for people with Asthma and asthmatics. The German environmental aid, the rides in many cities successfully driving bans due to bad air, calls for because of the fine dust, in the meantime, fireworks bans.

© 191 tons of new year’s eve drop
falls on new year’s day in the five largest cities in Germany.

new year’s eve means waste: Nearly 200 tons of waste must be removed according to the Association of municipal companies in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main. After all, it is not, the amount of new year’s eve had been waste in the past years, says a spokesman for the Association. 1,110 employees are on new year’s day in the five cities, to clean streets and sidewalks. Firecrackers garbage just let it lie – this is not actually provided. In its recent communication, the Association indicates the following: “Who’s firing on new year’s eve fireworks in public places and roads has, in principle, dispose of its resulting waste by yourself and not have to remove all the impurities that affect the Hygiene and the image of the city is negligible.” Before fireworks are disposed of, no longer had to pay attention to the fact that you can burn or warm. Otherwise, burn the rest of the waste in the barrel with.

© 10000 additional fire damage
there were in Germany around new year’s eve and Christmas of 2017.

The new year’s eve rocket lands in the roof, the firecrackers under the car, the advent wreath is on fire: 10,000 additional fire damage counted in the total Association of the German insurance industry in the past year around new year’s eve and Christmas. This may sound like a lot, but a positive development: compared to the previous year, to 2016, the were about ten percent less. For the full year 2017, the Union had 200,000 fire damage. Thus, the fires of the year, caused damage of EUR 32 million. Misguided new year’s eve, missiles are a particular risk.

© 137000000 euros spent by the German 2017 for fireworks.

your new year’s eve fireworks, the Germans some costs: EUR 137 million they spent in the last year for fireworks. This year, it’s supposed to be, according to an estimate by the Association of the pyrotechnic industry as much. The firecrackers fans in this country love the so-called battery and Composite fireworks display with a Bang-, light – and crackle effects that can last several minutes. Missiles make up about 20 percent. Around three-quarters of all fireworks originate from abroad. The customs advises to pay attention to at least the registration logo CE.

© 8000 people
suffer every year on new year’s eve is a blast trauma in the inner ear.

For the ears is new year’s eve extreme challenge. According to the German doctors sheet around 8,000 people a year suffer a so-called acoustic trauma, i.e. injury to the inner ear due to loud fireworks. If firecrackers exploded in a distance of less than two meters, had a positive impact on the delicate inner ear sound pulses with peak values of up to 160 decibels (dB). This corresponds approximately to the value of a starting jet-plane in a distance of 30 meters. The German society for ear, nose and throat medicine, head and neck surgery warns that, in some cases, the eardrum can tear. To avoid at the end of a hearing aid, it helps only one thing: not firecrackers. Or at least ear plugs to wear.