The U.S. Department of justice has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese technology firm Huawei, whose chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou and two subsidiary companies. The authority throws them in 13 charges, among other things, violations of the US sanctions against Iran, Bank fraud, money laundering and industrial espionage.

Huawei chief financial officer Meng were involved in a fraudulent financial system, the national security of the United States harm, said homeland security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, according to a communication to the judicial authority. The accused had made transactions in the millions, which constituted a direct violation of the sanctions against Iran. Meng lied, “repeated”, – stated in the message.

The indictment is likely to weigh on the already severely strained relations between the United States and China. Meng had been arrested in early December on the initiative of the U.S. Department of justice in Canada. She is now on bail but had to surrender her passport. Washington calls for the extradition of the daughter of the group’s founder, Ren Zhengfei. Beijing has sharply protested against the actions of Canada and the United States.

United States want to said delivery request

The reigning U.S. attorney Matthew Whitaker on Monday, the extradition request will be filed before the expiry of the deadline on Wednesday. A court hearing in Canada is for the 6. February recognized.

In the case of the allegation of theft of industrial secrets, it is a robot of the group T-Mobile USA to Test Smartphones. Huawei engineers will be made according to Whitaker’s photos of the “Tappy” robot, it presumptuous and even a part of stolen.

The charges showed Huawei’s apparent disregard for U.S. laws, said FBI Director Christopher Wray. “Companies such as Huawei pose a threat to our economy and national security,” he added.

The Chinese group, one of the world’s largest telecommunications equipment supplier, has been in the criticism. The United States and other countries accuse Huawei too close to the Chinese authorities, and see the group as a threat to your cyber security.

US Minister of justice Whitaker pointed out on Monday, in the indictment, nothing would point to an involvement of the Chinese government in the cases. China had to ensure that its citizens and companies held to the law.