The US have set their toughest economic sanctions against Iran in force. The measures are targeted directly at the core business in Iran’s Oil and banking sector, but also to the transport industry with the major ports of the country. Part of the sanctions is that the United States exclude the Iranian Central Bank from the international banking system, so that Iran is extremely difficult to collect the money for its oil Exports.

goal of the US is that Iran, the nuclear deal from the 2015 re-negotiated. It should be according to the request of the United States, only more stringent requirements for the country, but also the Iranian missile program to be included. In addition, the Islamic Republic of concessions to make in foreign policy. The leadership in Tehran, President Hassan Rouhani accuses the U.S. government to promote long-term change of government, by undermining Iran’s economy. The USA deny the project.

oil Tanker of disappeared from the Radar

The United States does not want to punish those companies hard, the bend of the newly imposed sanctions – threatened German companies with interests in Iran. Especially should deter it, that company will no longer have access to the U.S. financial system and, therefore, no international transactions in US dollars are able to handle.

Iran protests against U.S. sanctions In several Iranian cities to demonstrate against the new measures of the US government. Some Iranians see the debt but also of their own government. © Photo: AP Photo/Vahid Salemi

Iran, however, is determined that its Oil exports after the entry into force of the sanctions to continue, and has already taken counter-measures. So all Iranian oil Tankers have switched off at the end of October, your Transponder, your movements usually can be traced. Now who wants to monitor your course, you must do this now manually via satellite images. “It is the first Time I’ve seen a complete blackout. It is unique,” says Samir Madani from the Portal in Stockholm, which followed the tanker traffic in the world. Since satellite images are easily available, can’t Iran hide its Tanker despite efforts.

A second measure, which Iran used during the last penalty period 2010 to 2015, is to store Oil in giant tankers off the coast. “If a customer wants to quickly buy, ready for the charge. If a smaller vessel, it may be transferred to the Oil rapidly from ship to ship,” says the tank trackers-expert Breki Tomasson. Eleven million barrels of bearings on six ships in the Persian Gulf.

US President Donald Trump was on 8. May one of his Central election promise, by giving up the international nuclear agreement with Iran and also the relations to the European allies-loaded. The contract was one of the most important and most controversial international agreements. It is to prevent Iran to build nuclear weapons. In return, the international community undertook to refrain from sanctions against Iran. With Trumps step was accompanied by that of the United States suspended sanctions since then, step back in force.

Although the other Treaty partner, Germany, France, great Britain, Russia and China holding on to the nuclear deal and trade with Iran continue, have already a lot of companies out of fear of the US-backed sanctions from doing business with Iran. Although reliable Figures on the Oil market are difficult to obtain, but there is no doubt according to experts that Iran’s oil Exports have fallen sharply – they speak of a decline in exports of 2.5 million barrels per day in April to 1.6 million in September. Countries that are closely tied to Washington, such as South Korea, not import at all from Iran. Japan and the European countries import significantly less Oil from the country.

The US government want according to media reports, eight States, a transition exemption for Oil imports apply. This is to apply for the four largest importers of Iranian Oil: China, India, South Korea and Turkey. For the Europeans, the USA want to make no exception, as US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced. Pompeo wants to Express today and further details in this regard.

European special purpose entity

To at least a portion of the economy to maintain the relationships with Iran, EU States, to a special purpose entity to allow for the payment of transactions with Iran, if private banks refuse because of the threat of U.S. penalties. The purpose of society could allow, for example, barter transactions in which no money is transferred. When you can record your work, it is still unclear critics doubt that the concept works at all. From EU circles it was said that there were difficult technical, legal and political questions need to be answered.

Iran has so far not willing to want to the pressure to bend, even if the Iranian economy is already in a deep crisis. The Supreme leader of the country, Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei said that the sanctions of the past decades would have made Iran the only independent and self-employed.