(Washington) The governor of North Dakota on Monday signed a law that bans almost all abortions in this sparsely populated state in the northern United States.

According to a statement from Republican Gov. Doug Burgum, “this law clarifies and refines existing state law,” triggered by the June 2022 U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down the constitutional guarantee to abortion.

In effect, all abortions are now prohibited in North Dakota “from conception,” with some exceptions, including if the pregnancy poses serious health risks to the mother.

An exception is also provided for up to six weeks of pregnancy if it results from a case of rape or incest.

Offenders, who may be the mother or the doctor who performed the abortion, or the person who sold the necessary drugs or tools, face up to five years in prison.

North Dakota, with a strong conservative majority, has a population of nearly 800,000.

Since June 2022 and the decision of the American Supreme Court, fifteen states have banned abortion on their soil.

On April 13, the Florida legislature banned it beyond six weeks of pregnancy, a law called “extreme and dangerous” by the White House.

The Supreme Court on Friday ruled to maintain access for the time being to an abortion pill used for more than half of abortions in the country, suspending restrictions decided by lower courts and offering temporary respite to rights advocates. abortion.

The Supreme Court’s decision means in particular that American women will be able to continue to receive mifepristone, the name of the abortion pill, by post for the time being in states where abortion remains legal.