Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser rejects austerity targets for the 2025 budget.

“I need the necessary resources to set up the security authorities so that they can meet the challenges. That’s why cuts to our security agencies are out of the question for me,” said the SPD politician in an interview with “Stern”.

With a view to the upcoming budget negotiations, the minister explained: “I hope that everyone is now aware of how important internal security is in these times.” In addition to the Federal Minister of Finance, the Chancellor also recently called on the cabinet to adhere to the austerity targets. “The turning point also means that Germany’s security must be the benchmark,” says Faeser, explaining the additional expenditure reported by her department. We have to defend ourselves against more and more cyber attacks, control borders more closely and for longer and further speed up asylum procedures. “All of this requires personnel and technology. “It doesn’t come for free,” said the Interior Minister. Faeser emphasized that she has long been prioritizing tasks and is constantly checking where expenses can be saved. Further cuts came at the expense of all those areas that did not directly serve internal security. “When budgets are tight, we have to concentrate on what the federal government is responsible for. When it comes to digitalization, for example, the states will have to do more,” said the minister.