The former chief of Renault and Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, has pass confirmed his re – arrest-just a month after his release on bail ahead of his trial for alleged Financial. The Prosecutor’s office in Tokyo investigating further allegations of a serious breach of Confidence against Ghosn, reported the Japanese news Agency Kyodo.

this is the fourth arrest warrant in accordance with Japanese laws against Ghosn, who had forged the Alliance between Nissan and Renault. He was already on 19. November in Tokyo, was arrested because he allegedly made against stock market conditions, and notices. In addition, he should have private investment losses on the Nissan transfer. He was accused, and only after a week long detention for bail dismissed.

announcement of a press conference

New allegations against Ghosn turn appears to be a study of Nissan and its French Alliance partner Renault to payments to a major retailer operating in the Sultanate of Oman. Part of the money should have plugged in Ghosns. Dubious payments of millions of euros it should have, in addition, the joint subsidiary of Renault and Nissan, RNBV, based in Amsterdam. The verification of not be completed yet to be finalised. The information had already been to the French justice.

Also, this accusation of the car Manager. On Wednesday he had via Twitter with a press conference for the 11. April announced that he “wants the truth” about the current price. Among the conditions for his bail to a waiver of Internet usage. Whether or not the authorities’s Tweet as a violation, is unclear.

lawyer refers to re-arrest warrant as a “hostage situation”

In his latest statement, Ghosn held on to his speaker’s sharp criticism of his re-arrest. It was a monstrous and arbitrary measure. His arrest was part of another experiment, some of the Nissan-actors, to silence him, by the prosecutors is misleading. “Why me, except to break me?” it was called. “I will not break.” He was innocent.

Ghosns lawyer, Junichiro Hironaka, described the re-arrest as “extremely inappropriate” and completely incomprehensible. The action of the Prosecutor, he compared to a “hostage situation”.

Ghosn was seen as the light shape of the car industry. Over 20 years, he had formed before the bankruptcy, the company Nissan is one of the largest players in the industry and in an Alliance with Renault and the smaller Japanese Partner Mitsubishi.