(Albuquerque) In the United States, authorities in northwestern New Mexico released body camera footage on Friday showing police officers opening fire and killing a homeowner after showing up at the wrong address in response to a call of domestic violence.

Video released by Farmington police — just over a week after the April 5 nighttime shooting — shows officers arriving at the home. They approach the front door, pass the address posted on the house and illuminated by an outside light, knock on the door and announce themselves.

As they knock twice more, the officers are heard asking a dispatcher to confirm the address and tell the caller to come to the door. The dispatcher gives the address of a house across the street.

Shortly after, the owner of the house, armed with a pistol, opens the door and the officers immediately begin shooting while backing up. The man can be seen falling to the ground.

About a minute later, a woman is heard screaming inside the house and more gunshots ring out.

Authorities said the man’s wife returned fire from the entrance, unsure who was outside, prompting officers to fire again. She was not injured, but was heard screaming and crying after the second round of gunfire.

Dispatchers also received a call from the man’s daughter, saying she heard bangs and then gunshots and that her father needed help. She and two other children were inside the house at the time of the shooting.

The video shows a chaotic scene that erupted about four minutes after officers arrived at the wrong address. Once the gunfire has ceased, sirens can be heard sounding as more officers arrive.

Officers asked her out and one of them shouted to handcuff her as she was led out of the house.

The reasons why the officers took the wrong address are the subject of an ongoing investigation, Farmington Police said.

Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said Friday the service was releasing the video out of a concern for transparency and openness about what he called a dark day for the police force and for the family of the male, identified as Robert Dotson, 52.

The department said the video was viewed by the Dotson family and their attorney before being made public.

“All of us men and women of the Farmington Police recognize the seriousness of this incident. We will do everything we can to better understand what happened,” Mr. Hebbe said.

Three police officers have been placed on paid administrative leave pending an ongoing investigation. They have not been identified.

This case is part of an ongoing reflection across the country on the use of weapons by law enforcement.

The State Police Bureau of Investigation continues to review the case and says the findings will be forwarded to the prosecutor for further review.