In just 59 seconds, Aldi Süd shows what millions of parents in Germany do every day. The emotional spot has already reached over two million people. The discounter is addressing an important topic and hitting a nerve.

The discounter’s new campaign “Love goes through the stomach and beyond” celebrates the many unknown heroes of everyday life. These are mothers and fathers who juggle between childcare, household and work and often only eat the leftovers from their children’s plates.

“It is time to focus on and honor the secret heroes behind the world-famous ‘food trend’,” says Christian Göbel, Deputy Managing Director of Marketing

The response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive. On social networks, people share their own stories and thereby pay respect to all the invisible achievements that are made in families every day – without talking about them.

The campaign shows realistic scenes from parents’ everyday lives – from hastily eaten pasta that was actually intended for little ones to cold coffee breaks between Zoom meetings and diaper changes. Many parents feel addressed and see their daily challenges presented in a humorous and loving way.

“This is more than advertising, this is recognition for what we do every day,” says a young mother from Berlin. “It’s good to see that others feel the same as me.” A father writes on YouTube: “As a parent, the spot makes me laugh and cry at the same time, great job!”

The 59-second spot, which depicts the everyday chaos and challenges of parents’ lives, has reached over two million views on YouTube in just five days. The campaign was implemented and developed by the antoni_99 agency.

The spot can be seen in the digital environment and on all Aldi Süd social media until May 13, 2024. For example on the discounter’s official YouTube channel.