Partyboot auf der Spree Berlin, 20.06.2021 - Endlich wieder Party machen, als haette die Coronapandemie nie stattgefunden. Menschen geniessen das warme Sommerwetter mit ihren Booten auf der Spree. Berlin Berlin Deutschland *** Party boat on the Spree Berlin, 20 06 2021 Finally party again, as if the corona pandemic had never happened People enjoy the warm summer weather with their boats on the Spree Berlin Berlin Germany

Can hedgehogs swim? A Berlin network against noise and frenzy has formed under this name.

The abbreviation Igel stands for “Initiative Water Noise Protection”, and behind it are u.a. water sports enthusiasts and Tagesspiegel readers from Steglitz-Zehlendorf. They don’t just want to complain, they want to make a difference – like so many who have been taking part in the debate in the Tagesspiegel for months. The Tagesspiegel newsletter for Berlin-Spandau has now reported on this.

“As water sports enthusiasts, we are muscle-powered on the waters and notice constant selfish and inconsiderate behavior on the part of individuals who significantly disturb the general public with noisy speedboats and party boats as well as personal watercraft (jet skis),” writes the Igel an den Spandau initiative -Newsletter from the Tagesspiegel, where the anger about speeders, recklessness and noise on the water is one of the main topics. “We no longer want to accept this and do something about the increasing noise pollution on and around Berlin’s waterways.”

“The main sources of noise are the speedboats. Party noise from land and water, among other things from party rafts with their far-reaching basses on the water, and often until the early hours of the morning, is permanent noise pollution for the general public,” they write.

According to its own statements, the Berlin Southwest Network is in close contact with Havel residents, water sports clubs, politicians and citizens’ initiatives such as “Lärmhotspot Lindwerder” (in Hohengatow there were many complaints about the Techno Island in 2021 – here is my story in the Tagesspiegel). A website is under construction. If you want to network, here is the e-mail address.

And for those who are still pondering: Yes, hedgehogs are afraid of water, but they can swim a little.

[The water sports, the noise, the party ships: Often a topic in the Spandau newsletter from the Tagesspiegel. It is available in its entirety at]

The topic is now being taken seriously by politicians and is no longer wearily brushed aside. Here are some reading tips from the Tagesspiegel: Until 2008 there was a water police station on Schwanenwerder. It was sold and demolished. a mistake? There are ideas to be more present at Wannsee in a different form. Or that too: 1000 neighbors and water sports enthusiasts asked for help: “It’s getting worse and worse,” they complained after the Spandau newsletter had started a large survey. Here in the Tagesspiegel, the water police later presented the new boat – with a message to Berlin’s show-off captains.

And at the start of the 2022 season, we reported on speeders, rubbish and annoying party boats: “Fight against Berlin’s summer plague on the water”. Here in the Tagesspiegel, Spandau’s city councilor talks about stress on the Havel, jet skis from the water police – and the new problem with the junk ship “Yellow Submarine” off Kladow.

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