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What would happen if we were to nationalise housing and the state would take over the housing? More and more such demands are made, in order to relax the situation on the housing market and to create affordable housing. In Berlin, for example, a citizens ‘ initiative wants to initiate the nationalization of the housing corporations. What are the consequences but that would have?

Before you begin with the nationalization, must be made a few basic decisions. What happens with the homes and the condos of the people? Almost half of the population – just 45 percent – lives in the own four walls. Even hard-gesottenste capitalism critics would not want to tackle this hot iron well and the people your owner-occupied property to take away, finally, the basic law sets right to be extremely high hurdles for expropriation. So this property of a nationalization would probably stay untouched and as a private part, in addition to a nationalized apartment sector continues to exist.

we assume that all private companies were nationalized, and private individual landlords would be faced with expropriation.

Housing for Rent-focus

Wohnen is one of the great social issues of our time. In our focus, we report, where the lease charge is highest, what is the role large corporations play in the process, and how still today, affordable housing create. The following articles are published:

The last move: The majority of seniors live in their own home, although this is often much too large for you. The real estate industry sees a huge business, but pushes you to the limits.

Stay and capitalism: do they go together?