The Federal government wants to support German companies more than in the past due to government measures. This includes a participation Fund to allow the state, belongs to a company to acquire shares for the protection against hostile Takeovers for a limited time, as Federal Economics Minister, Peter Altmaier (CDU), said during the presentation of the National industry strategy to 2030. The relaxation of merger control or privatisation should be compared to.

“is The greater the economic damage, the stronger the state has to intervene,” said Altmaier. “We have to act the right and the duty to.” In the case of the Acquisition of new investments would have to be privatized in return to other investments of the state. He was coined with the Considerations of development in the leading robotics manufacturer Kuka, a Chinese company dominates.

the aim of the plans is to make the large corporations mainly from the so – called High and key technologies in the face of strong competition from the USA and China is fit for the competition on the world market and the prosperity in Germany in order to expand, said Altmaier. That Germany’s economy today, well, say nothing about the growth in 15 years, said Altmaier.

Of the measures in Dax-listed companies such as Siemens, thyssenkrupp, Deutsche Bank or the car manufacturer to benefit. “The Survival of such enterprises is in the national political and economic interests”, – stated in Altmaiers strategy paper. You would have to be on the world market to “Champions”. The Minister shall at the same time, the willingness to European mergers.

in response to aggressive emerging countries

Without China by name, he spoke of an aggressive Encounter of some States. The Federal government has increased as a response to an attempted entry of a Chinese state-owned company in the electricity grid operator 50Hertz already, the barriers of entry. Altmaier, there was as a target that the share of industry will rise in gross value added by 2030 to 25 percent and in the EU to 20 per cent.

The government also seeks a leading role in the development of artificial intelligence and has already said a billion support for the battery cell production of electric cars. Altmaier wants to consult the strategy with policies, companies, associations and trade unions. At the end of an industry should be the strategy of the Federal government.

in the face of a weaker economy, Altmaier had called last also billion in relief for businesses. It make sense, in times of recovery, an economic recovery plan to reflect, in order to strengthen the forces of Growth. With different measures, a total of ten billion Euro in addition to investment incentives provided.

Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) wants a. tax incentives for companies that invest more in research, but not relief, as you weave Altmaier proposed Because, according to the new estimates, planning the absence of the Federal government in its fiscal 2023 due to the weakening economy and many other coalition projects for around 25 billion Euro.