Suspected of having stabbed her mother to death in her apartment in February, Amel Benali was formally charged with this crime on Wednesday. This is the second murder to occur this year.

In all likelihood, she will remain detained pending trial. Amel Benali is still at the Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry, where his suitability to appear is being assessed.

However, the Crown did not wait to learn the result of this assessment before filing a second degree murder charge on Wednesday.

Amel Benali, 26, was charged on February 20 with armed assault on a neighbor during the same event.

The day before, the authorities had been called to go to a building on rue de Liège Ouest, in the borough of Villeray–Saint-Michel–Parc-Extension, where they had found a man injured in the upper body at the White weapon.

In another apartment, they would have discovered the body of Luiza Ouali, also stabbed, perhaps shortly before the facts.

According to court documents obtained by La Presse at the Toronto courthouse, Amel Benali had just been released after stabbing his partner in the Queen City a few days earlier.

She was then charged with assault with a weapon causing bodily harm and obstruction. Amel Benali had to respect severe conditions, including staying with her mother at all times, except for times when she had to go to the hospital for medical appointments.