Further inclement weather, including tornadoes, threatened parts of the South and Midwest of the United States on Tuesday and Wednesday that were pummeled by deadly storms just a few days ago.

Bad weather targeted Missouri, southwestern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas, among others. A high risk of fire hovered further south and west.

In the Upper Midwest region, tornado risk was particularly pronounced in the afternoon and evening on Wednesday. Parts of Missouri and Arkansas will be threatened overnight.

Severe storms could give rise to powerful tornadoes and large hailstones Wednesday in eastern Illinois, lower Michigan and the Ohio Valley.

Sections of Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee and Arkansas are also at risk.

Tornadoes swept through 11 states last week, killing at least 32.

The same conditions that fueled last week’s storms — an area of ​​low pressure combined with strong southerly winds — will prevail Tuesday and Wednesday, meteorologists warned.

A blizzard warning was in effect for nearly all of the two Dakotas through Wednesday evening. The U.S. National Weather Service has predicted that parts of South Dakota could receive up to 40 centimeters of snow and winds of 90 miles per hour.

Dozens of schools were closed in South Dakota on Tuesday, as were the majority of government offices.

A winter storm warning has been issued for northern Minnesota. The south of the state could be the scene of storms that will generate hail and strong winds.