Montrose Port was chosen to be the operation and maintenance base for an upcoming PS5.2m offshore windfarm project.

Inch Cape Offshore Ltd stated that the project would include 72 turbines, approximately 15km (9.3 miles) from the Angus coast.

Red Rock Power and ESB own the wind farm. They hope to create more than 50 skilled long-term jobs.

The UK government must grant a long-term energy agreement for the project.

Inch Cape applied for the contract in this “Contracts For Difference” round. The result is expected to be in the summer.

If the project is successful, then work on the initial phase will start next year. The base should be operational by 2025.

This work includes the construction of a pontoon to transport crew, dockside cranes, and offices.

‘Economic benefits’

Mairi Gougeon, Rural Affairs Secretary, said that this award recognizes the long-term direct economic benefits that flow into local communities throughout Scotland because of our rapidly-growing offshore wind industry.

“The Inch Cape Offshore Wind Farm will create long-lasting, sustainable jobs in Angus. It is a wonderful example of this.”

Adam Ezzamel, project director, stated that the wind farm would be “one of Scotland’s single sources for renewable power, operational at least 30 years.”

He stated that he would use the latest technology to reduce carbon emissions, from vessels to operational bases designs, operating and maintaining the largest wind turbines in the world located in water depths up to 57m.