Keleigh Sperry and the celebrity happen to be vacationing in Maui with Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley

Miles Teller was assaulted by 2 strangers while vacationing in Hawaii, his spouse asserts.

Keleigh Sperry Teller, 28, took to her Instagram Story on Friday night asserting the”Whiplash” celebrity was”jumped by 2 guys we’ve never met once they trapped him in a toilet.” She didn’t discuss what injuries, if any, ” he lasted.

But, Keleigh stated the specifics of the report were”completely untrue.”

Teller’s spouse went on to assert the Maui episode is currently being criminally investigated.

In an announcement Friday, a spokesperson for the MPD told People who police”reacted to a report on an attack that occurred in a West Maui restaurant between a male victim and a single responsible party.” The announcement didn’t make mention of another defendant and said it might provide”no additional information” in the moment.

The Tellers were united earlier in the week at Maui by soccer ace Aaron Rodgers along with his fiancee, actress Shailene Woodley. Photographs submitted to Keleigh’s Instagram revealed the 2 couples cliff jumping and trekking.

In 1 place, Keleigh referred for her partner, Rodgers and Woodley as her”soulmates.” The foursome also required a selfie using a scenic body of water and sunset from the backdrop.

“Happiness,” Keleigh captioned a succession of pictures of this bunch on Instagram.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback afterwards said suggesting was among the greatest things that happened to him within the previous year.