The number of disputes declined disputes between tenants and Landlords in 2017. According to the German tenants ‘ Association, a total of 226.933 procedures have been negotiated, about 20,000 times less than in 2016. Thus, the number of tenancy processes, sank to the lowest level since the reunification, it said.

Since 1996, the number of processes is decreased to a third, informed of the tenants ‘ Association. One reason the legal advice from the Association. As in the previous year, in 2017, around 1.1 million people, the Council sought there. Again, 97 percent of the cases could be resolved out of court.

for A further explanation could be the owner of rate increases since the nineties, constantly. Lived in 1998 to 40.9 percent of the German in the home, it in 2014 is 45.5 percent. Tenants ‘ associations that tenancy reforms and the numerous judgments of the Federal court lifted many of the points in dispute.

In the discussions of the tenants ‘associations, it is according to the tenants’ Association in every third case, the operating costs of billing, about half as often to housing defects. Rent increases have led nationwide, nearly 11.7 percent of the members in the legal advice. Five years earlier the share was at 6.6 percent.