Novosibirsk hospital “Medsanchast-168” conducts rapid testing for the presence of antibodies to coronavirus human COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). The desire of every healthy person can take the test at any of the branches of the clinic by appointment and get the result on the same day.

Used rapid tests Leccurate, which reveal two types of antibodies: IgM and IgG specific to the human coronavirus COVID-19.

IgM Antibodies develop in the third to fifth day from the onset of the disease, they indicate the presence in the moment coronavirus infection in a person feel at the moment.

IgG Antibodies develop 7-14 days from the onset of the disease and indicate that a shaped/formed specific immunity after the disease.

rapid tests Leccurate produced by Chinese company Beijing Lepu Medical Technology and are widely used for testing in China, Europe, USA. The results of tests in Russia, the diagnostic sensitivity 100% diagnostic specificity for whole blood samples of over 95 percent.

Beijing Lepu Medical Technology Co., Ltd — a major international holding company, a developer and manufacturer of medical devices and equipment for laboratory diagnostics, cardiac and vascular surgery, anesthesia and intensive care. The company operates more than 20 years in Chinese and world markets. Registration certificate from RZN 2020/10375 15.05.2020.

the Test is intended for professional use. The analysis is carried out in the laboratory, and the result checks and interpretirovat doctor, clients get the result the same day by e-mail or can pick up at the medical center.

For safety and to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection specimen collection in healthcare facilities is by appointment only with the observance of a sufficient interval between visitors.

People with symptoms of SARS it is recommended to wait 7-10 days from the onset of the disease for the accuracy of the study and to call a team of professionals on the house.

Multifield hospital “Medsanchast-168” works in Novosibirsk for more than 46 years and has three outpatient medical centers, a private clinical diagnostic laboratory and hospital capacity of 40 beds. The company is in the top 150 in 2019, according to the analytical center business magazine Vademecum.

Multifield hospital “Medsanchast-168”
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