Medical center you will not only get sick, the virus can also be ‘ memory of the immune system,” cause the body to be sure it is already well-known pathogens that can be overcome. Therefore, people who have the measles and have been for many years, are susceptible to continue to the diseases that they were able to overcome it. This is evident from the two studies.

The measles, mumps, in fact, with the power off (of the immune system, ed. to make themselves efficient, and to protect it,” says dr. Michael’s, epidemiologist at Harvard university and co-author of the study.

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The findings are based on an analysis of the blood samples of the 82 unvaccinated children in an orthodox protestant community in the Netherlands. When a mazelenepidemie in 2013, 77 of the 82 children in the center.

Researchers in the united states, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands examined blood samples pre-and post-infection to assess the impact of measles on the immune system achterhalen.De it was focused in a study of the antilichaampjes the small size of the proteins, which are virus-fixing, and in the other study, the white blood cells called B-cells, which are the antilichaampjes production.