The consumers in Germany have your purchases in 2018 for the first time, more likely with Giro and credit cards when paid for with cash. The findings of a survey by the trade research Institute EHI.

Overall the customers and paid accordingly, in the stationary retail trade is around 209 billion euros by card. The 12.4 billion Euro more than in the previous year. As a result, the revenue share of this payment rose to 48.6 per cent. With cash purchases to the value of about 208 billion euros were paid, which corresponds to a revenue share of 48.3. The remaining 3.1 percent was distributed according to the figures on bills, Finance purchases, and coupons.

2017 had not yet been half of all sales are paid in cash. At the checkout, the payment method is used, however, often small sums of money to be paid according to the EHI, as before, preferably with cash.

A study by the Deutsche Bundesbank and the Institute, Paying with cash is cheaper and faster than debit or credit card. Thus, the average cash payment to the Treasury of about 22 seconds, and cost banks and business owners 24 cents per transaction. Card payments take when entering a PIN, around seven, and in signature 16 seconds longer than when Paying with cash. And the cost is 34 cents higher.