Championships Mathieu van der Poel has to an impressive degree, as the queen’s stage in the Tour of Britain was won. The 24-year-old Dutchman got everyone out of the wheel, Jasper De Buyst finished three seconds later in second. Van der Poel takes over the leader’s jersey of Matteo Trentin. It looks promising for the weekend in Yorkshire (29/09).

“I want to be a world champion on the road,” said Mathieu van der Poel, a long time ago. One thing is for sure: the Dutchman has been in good shape. Yesterday, he had to settle with the second place, it was in stage four, however, the price in the united Kingdom. The youngest son of Adrie has made all the difference after a furious sprint up hill (pictures above).

By Jasper De Buyst (second), Tom Van Asbroeck (I), Xandro Meurisse (sixth), Ben Hermans (eighth) and Tiesj Benoot (tenth) finished in five Belgians in the top ten. Matteo Trentin was the ninth over the line and his leader’s jersey to lose to Van der Poel. The Tour of Britain finishes on Saturday.

After, with Dylan Van Baarle, the last rider in the first place in a race with three, it was picked up, we got a very attractive championship, of Gateshead, at Kendal, on 173,2 km). Tiesj Benoot is looking for a world cup selection, which proved to be accelerated in one of the many steep hills, and just as Gianni Moscon, but that didn’t get away. However, the bunch firmly in one season, and we had a elitegroepje on the front.

By as much as 15 miles from the end it was decided to be Tony Gallopin, are likely to continue. The belgian Ben Hermans and was, along with James Shaw, the crossing. The trio sprokkelde up to a lead of 29 seconds, behind them, they could Mitchelton-Scott, to the leader, Trentin, the leader. For two and may maintain an action leaders, it was not fast enough to be in the palace, and they tried to keep the sore to cover it, without success.

4 km took Benoot still have his chance, and in no time he was past, and the Ineos-the riders, but in Mitchelton-Scott led the small pack back. The trio had in the meantime only 12 seconds ahead of lake, 2 miles from the end of the night. Corendon-Circus, with bill Van der Poel at the front, the pace was high, and, in the end, there was a slothelling of half a mile, and the Dutchman was set to 350 meters, and then, with ease, go past the trio and picked up the victory for Ed and is Also a solid gap to make it.